Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoga = Ahhhh-mazing!

Look who got a haircut!! It was very much needed.  Oliver could barely see out of his eyes.  Poor little guy. I hope that it starts warming up in Chicago, because he's going to freeze.  But until it does, he has many sweaters to choose from.
Today's eats were pretty good.  This morning, I ate half of a huge grapefruit sweetened with truvia.  I know that's not much of a breakfast but I think I was still full from last night's dinner.  Yum!  Because I was running late for work again today, I didn't have time to pack a lunch, so a co-worker and I feasted on Chipolte.  I had a salad which included chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, cheese and guacamole.  I'm not a big fan of their salad dressing, so what I bascially had a chicken burrito bowl, hold the rice and sour cream and the soft, warm tortilla.  Even without the tortilla on the side, it was very satisfying.
I also discovered a new midday snack attack.  Brown Rice cake with Justin's almond butter, honey flavor :-) The crunchy, salty, sweetness is just enough to satisfy me in the after noon.  Pretty much anything topped with this almond butter will taste great.  

After work, I headed off to CorePower Yoga.  I was in need of a good stretch session with the running and bar method classes that I did this week.  It felt ahhhh-mazing!  I took the Introduction CorePower Yoga 1 class with Lisa B.  The class was a lot more active than I had anticipated.  I have taken a hot yoga class at this studio before and it was just a lot of stretching.  In the Intro class, we definitely worked our core.  The website describes this class as, "vinyasa yoga done in a warm environment, with a slower paced flow than CorePower Yoga 2..."  It was a challenge and it was a relief to stretch out my muscles so I would definitely take this class again.  However, I will be driving or riding my bike from now on, because the CTA going home, let's just say there were some shady characters on that bus.  

When I came home, I heated some soup and caught up on all of my e-mails for the day.  This soup was really good but I didn't taste any apple in it, which I guess is what I was expecting having "apple" in the title in all.  It wasn't my favorite flavor, it was a bit spicy.  Not hot spicy, but filled with a lot of different spices. 
This weekend I am trekking back up to Milwaukee for drill.  But this time I get to relax and take the Amtrak there.  LC is up there already and is meeting me at the train station.  After that we're going to Lakefront Brewery for a brewery tour.  Also, this weekend I get to try on my wedding dress and she's going to start making alterations to it!! I'm so excited. I would post pictures, but SOMEONE comes to this blog to see what I'm chatting about, so the pics will have to wait until after the wedding.  But the dress is stunning :-)

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  1. Can't wait to see your dress!
    That salad looks great, I am dying to try Chipotle, there are none around me :/