Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday Feast!

This past weekend LC and I headed north to Milwaukee for our drill weekend.  While in the land of beer and cheese, I did what any good Wisconsinite would do on a Friday night: Brewery tour and fish fry.  Lakefront Brewery has always been a favorite brewery tour of ours.  Reason being, you can drink while on the tour!  So we drank some beer, learned more information about brewing beer, and enjoyed our fish fry.    

*Bottling Line*
*beer eyes*
On Saturday, my mom and I went to visit, Janie, the woman who is doing my dress alterations, and I got to try on my dress.  I didn't want to take it off!  Good news is that it will need very little alterations.  Janie, also does table linens and and centerpiece set ups.  Through all the wedding planning process, this has been one of the most troubling for me to figure out.  Janie has been so helpful in giving me ideas, I am so greatful for her.
 This is one of the mock ups she did for us-LOVE!
On Monday, I took the day off to rejuvinate from my drill weekend.  LC and I did taxes, worked out and met his mom and dad at a restaurant to plan wedding shower #2. 
Yesterday was Fat Tuesday! To celebrate this day, I picked up some Paczkis for LC (he loves them), made jambalaya along with a side of cornbread and a Lakefront Big Easy. So, so so good! I found the recipe from Cooking Light.  It was simple to make and good to the palate.  The cornbread was made from Bob's Red Mill gluten free Cornbread.  The cornbread was great considering it was gluten free.  It was not dry at all like some gluten free items can be.  I would definitely recommend it.     
*our feast*

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