Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy, Sexy!

Yesterday was my grandpa's 74th Birthday.  I called to wish him a happy birthday and to see what he's up to.  He responded with, "Working. You know Maria, So many people retire and just sit. You have to stay active and work. I go to the gym every other day..."  And he continues on about how good his health is.  So for my 20-something body, there is just no excuse not to workout. Unless, I'm sick or injured. Only then, working out is generally a no-go.

So, my fitness goal for next week is to attend The Bar Method 5 days, run 3 days, and practice yoga 1 day.  I've never done 5 days of Bar in a row, but after talking with one of my favorite instructors, who is in awesome shape, I learned that when she first signed up as a client she went Monday-Friday and it helped her get better at the moves.  So that's what my goal will be.

Last night, LC and I sat down and watched a documentary from Netflix.  I really love watching documentaries.  Call me a geek, but Food, Inc. was probably one of the most interesting movies I've ever watched. Anyway, last night we watched Crazy, Sexy Cancer. It was a documentary about a woman named Kris Karr who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of terminal cancer.  Through changing her diet and lifestyle, she was able to keep the cancer at bay.  She was diagnosed in 2003 and she's still alive today.  Her outlook on life was so inspirational.  When others would have broken down from the news of cancer, she persevered. I'm in the middle of reading her book, Crazy, Sexy, Diet right now and it's definitely one of the better "diet" books I've read.     

I really haven't been eating anything too exciting this week.  I'm really looking forward to making my St. Patrick's day meal tomorrow so check back for that recipe.  I have found that if I eat a bigger breakfast with some sort of carb, I'm usually pretty satisfied until lunch time. Last week, with working out in the AM, I was just so ravenous throughout the day and nothing would fill me up. This week I'm taking a different approach. Big breakfast and then smaller meals through the day.  It seems to be working so far. 

Tonight, I'm going to a Lululemon event with my friend, Kristine.  The Michigan Ave store, here in Chicago, is hosting a yoga and wine night.  I'm pretty pumped for it!  


  1. Did you know you get drunker faster if you drink right after a work out? It's totally not healthy, but can be very fun! :)

  2. hah! found that out on Saturday :-)