Friday, August 19, 2011

No Shower Power Hour

Happy Friday friends!  Last night I ended my very active day (5 mile run & 2 mile walk) with a much needed yoga session sponsored by the wonderful peeps at Lululemon & led by Jen Enders from Yoga Now.  

Every Thursday in the summer, Lululemon sponsors a yoga event at Oak Street beach called, "No Shower Power Hour".  Yoga on the beach?! I'm there!  I've been to various yoga events sponsored by lulu (herehere), and they never dissapoint.  My favorite one is still Vino and Vinyasa at the W Hotel.  

Pros of "No Shower Power Hour"  
-It's free!
-Sponsored by a great company
-get you outside to enjoy the summer before it's gone
-it's on a beach; the crashing waves definitely help with relaxation
-taught by awesome instructors

-lack of knowlege from the Oak Street beach staff. I got there early & they told us it was canceled.  I called lululemon just to make sure.  It wasn't.
-limited mats.  Luckily I got there early enough to get one, but I will make sure to bring my own next week, just in case.
-the instructor was hard to hear.  Because it was outside and they had other events going on, it was hard to listen to what Jen was telling us.  But I made it work.

Overall it was a good yoga class and just what these tight hips & calves needed.  Jen was a really great teacher and I will be taking a class at Yoga Now in the near future.  After yoga, my friend and I ate dinner at Oak Street Beach.  I ordered the fish tacos and was not impressed.  They were okay, but I've had better.  The fish was chopped up like tuna and they were kind of bland.  

Today I have a date with the bar, I'm working on making the whole name change thing official other than on facebook :-) and I'm going to get my hair cut!!!!!!!! I've lived in Chicago for 3 years and have never had my hair cut here.  I usually go to my stylist in Milwaukee whenever I go back for a visit (she's been working on this mane since high school), so I'm definitely branching out of my comfort zone and I'm a wee bit nervous :-/  Wish me luck!


  1. Yikes Where are you getting your haircut...You know I wasn't getting your blog updates..I think because of your link change..I had to refollow you. I have heard of yoga on the beach..but I think I would be too distracted. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. The haircut turned out well!! Updates to come :-) Also, I changed my link but I don't know how to have it automatically send people to the new one when they go to the old one? I'll have to work on that this weekend.