Monday, August 1, 2011

Sprinkles for Everyone

Well, I survived my minor medical procedure today.  The  worst part of the whole thing was the numbing shot...and the fact that it's starting to ware off right now.  They're going to send it to pathology & I'll get the results next week.  Both of my doctors don't think it's anything serious, just want to double check though.

After my appointment, LC and I grabbed some lunch at the Cheesecake factory.  We snacked on my favorite appetizer...Avocado egg rolls!! YUMMM!!!
 For my meal I ordered the *lunch* portion of the BBQ chicken salad, minus the fried onion strings.  I couldn't believe this was the lunch size because it was HUGE!!! I didn't even eat 1/2 of it. 
After our lunch at Cheesecake Factory, we decided to take a walk over to Sprinkles :-) LC had never been there, so I wanted to take him for his first ever experience.  He ate a red velvet (which is one of their most popular flavors) and I had a lemon cupcake.  We also decided to bring one home for our little guy.  That's right, Sprinkles sells cupcakes for dogs.

He wasn't sure of it at first, but he ended up loving it so much that he wanted to eat the wrapper!!  Now we're sitting on the couch with full tummies catching up on Giuliana & Bill and the Real Housewives.  Not too bad for a Monday :-) 


  1. Never had the avo egg rolls from cheesecake before! Those look outstanding... so jealous. real housewives and amazing food? best day ever.

  2. Avocado egg rolls are TO DIE FOR!! hope everything went OK w/ the Dr. :-/