Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday-Our Ceremony

Happy "Wedding" Wedneday!  Our ceremony took place at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran church in Pewaukee WI.  I really wanted it at the Villa Terrace (where we took pictures after the ceremony) but my vote was overturned.  I am happy with how it turned out & I am grateful that we got to spend the time with just our wedding party on the trolley after the ceremony.  Olga took some great pics and we have lots of memories from that trolley ride :-) 

My only complaint about Lutheran churches vs. Catholic churches is that Lutheran churches aren't as ornate and decorated as Catholic churches are.  I do like that I was able to pick out my own music for our ceremony though.  That made it more personable.

My mom walked me down the aisle.

And at the end of it there was a nervous groom.

 We stood before God, our family and friends and said our vows.

 Two families combined into one.

And shared a kiss to seal the deal ;-)  

We posed for pictures with our family.

And my lovely & beautiful maid of honor signed our marriage certificate.

One of my biggest regrets about our ceremony is not having someone video tape it.  When you're walking down that aisle and everyone is staring at you, the whole thing becomes a blur.  Even when we were up there and the pastor was giving his sermon, you hear certain things but it's impossible to remember everything.  Everyone kept telling me that our pastor had such a wonderful message, I just wish I could've remembered the whole thing.  I can't believe it's been 2 months since we've been married, time is sure going by quickly!  

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  1. Just saw your post on Lindsey's blog (a running tale) and thought I'd say hi and congratulations on your recent wedding :)