Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Green Weekend, Wieners & SIDI for the Week

This past Friday, I completed my last long run before my 1/2 marathon this Saturday (EEK!)  10 miles.  It wasn't the easiest, but I'm glad it's behind me.  In my opinion, the hardest part about running a half marathon, is the training.  Once race day is here, it's a completely different feeling. A high that only 13.1 miles can provide. 

On Saturday, my mom rolled into town, just for the day.  We brunched at a new place in Wicker Park called Prasino. Prasino means "green" in Greek.  I picked out this restaurant because they are a gluten-free friendly restaurant (my mom can't have gluten) & it was a healthy brunch option.  My mom had a delicous looking omlet and I had the French eggs benedict and a kombucha mimosa.  The eggs benedict was okay, but a little bit salty for my taste because of the ham.  The drink was very tasty! I wanted another one. 

I love venturing around the different neighborhoods of Chicago.  I don't get to the Bucktown/Wicker Park area as often as I'd like to.  But when we're ready to purchase a home, LC and I have pretty much decided, that this is where we'd want to live.  After brunch, we walked around and went into some little shops.  One of my favorites we went into was Green Heart.  They're a fair trade shop and they have awesome stuff! Jewelry, clothes, home goods, etc.  If you're unfamiliar with Fair Trade, look it up *here*.  It's a pretty amazing way to help out communities.  The gist of Green Heart is they sell handcrafted goods made by people from all over the world.  The workers are all volunteers & the money goes back to helping that community from which the item came.  I bought a supercute bracelet from India for $10!  If you're in the Chicago area, definitely stop by.  

After brunching & walking around, we went back to my apartment and relaxed a little bit before my mom left to go back to WI.  Oliver & I love when she comes to visit, and we're both in agreement that her visits are always too short.   

On Sunday, I went to my happy place, and boy did it feel great :-) Especially after my 10 mile run on Friday.  

Yesterday, hubs treated me to my first ever Superdawg experience!  I've lived here for over 3 years, and have never had Superdawg.  This year, I put it on my Summer 2011 to do list and we finally got to it yesterday.  The concept of it is a lot of fun.  It's a drive-in where they bring the food to your car :-) The hotdog was good, but I've had better in Chicago.   

Last but not least, I've hopped back on the "Say It, Do It" train.  So here's this week's workout line-up. 

Monday: Rest day (aka-very busy day!)
Tuesday: Run 4 miles + abs
Wednesday: Run 3 miles + upper body
Thursday: Run 2 miles
Friday: REST!
Saturday:Lake Country 1/2 Marathon!!
Sunday: Rest :-) & enjoy Carried Underwood at Ravina, thanks hubs! 

I hope everyone's having a great week so far! I'll be back tomorrow with my 2nd "Wedding Wednesday" post. You can read the first one *here*.


  1. I love mom visits! :) And p.s. u look great in your weddings dress from a few posts down!!!

  2. the restaurant looks amazing!! wish i lived in chicago :-( would love to see a pic of the bracelet if u get time :)

  3. Thanks Jill! Kristen, I'll post a pic of the bracelet when I wear it next time :-)