Thursday, September 1, 2011


Cupcakes.  How I love them.  I once thought of a brilliant idea of starting a Chicago cupcake tour, but low and behold, one already exists.  I've been to just about every cupcake shop in Chicago, and that's a lot.  I do have my favorite places (Sprinkles & Sugarbliss), but when I new shop opens up, I'm willing to venture outside my comfort zone and take a risk.

I was really excited to hear that there would be a Crumbs Bake Shop opening up nearby.  I've heard lots of great things about these colossal cupcakes and couldn't wait to give it try.  When I got to the shop, there was a line.  I debated on whether or not I should be the crazy girl who waits in line for cupcakes, and decided that if I can wait in line for Garrett's popcorn {during Christmas season when it used to be right on Michigan Ave} I could wait 10 minutes in line for a cupcake.      
I got in and was faced with more options than what I'm used to.  How was I going to make a decision? I knew right away that for hubs, I would get him a mint patty cupcake.

And after careful consideration, I rolled with the chocolate/peanut cupcake.  Chocolate/peanut butter is probably my most favorite combination of any two foods ever {Behind cheese & wine of course}.  So naturally, I had very high expectations for this cupcake.  I couldn't wait to bite into this piece of heaven after dinner {and a workout of course}.

 Meh.  This cupcake failed to deliver.  The cake part of the cupcake was VERY good! It was very moist and it was the right amount of chocolate (not too rich).  The frosting on the other hand was a huge problem.  I'm not a very picky eater.  But when it comes to frosting, just call me Goldilocks, because it has to be just right.  Not too sweet & sugary and yet not too buttery or bland.  My all time favorite frosting is cream cheese frosting.  Crumbs bake shop frosting not only kept me awake all night because of the amounts of sugar, but also because the stomach ache I got just after a few bites of it.  And the frosting tasted nothing like a peanut butter frosting.  Hubs didn't really care for his either, which is surprising because the man loves him mint chocolate.

Maybe it was a bad batch?  Or maybe I just make bad choices when under pressure.  I'm willing to give Crumbs another try in the future only because they had many other delicious looking options to choose from.  But for this week, I'm pretty maxed out on my sugar intake.          

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  1. too bad!!! it looked so delicious!! i wonder how the smiley faces taste ...