Friday, July 22, 2011

Who's The Toughest of Them All?

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here :-) LC & will be heading back to WI tomorrow for a fun-filled (for me anyway) Saturday & Sunday.

Back in December when LC was deployed, he sent me an e-mail with the subject line, "I found something fun for us to do!" I was immediately excited and thought it was a fun, tropical vacation to take (even though we had a wedding to pay for, wishful thinking). I opened up the e-mail and saw this video below:

This looks 10 times worse that basic training.  I responded back with, "What part of this looks fun for me?" He said that because I had run two 1/2 marathons last year, he thought that I'd be interested in doing this with him. I love you dear, but no thanks. So LC found some fellow Security Forces members to participate in the race with him and tomorrow morning we're driving up to Devil's Head WI so that he can do just that.  Tough Mudder is a very intense 10-12 mile obstacle course that was designed by the British Special Forces.  There's not a time goal, but just to finish the race is an accomplishment on its own.  On average, about 78% of participants actually complete the course.  I believe there's a tattoo & mohawk for the finisher, which LC will NOT be getting.  He also had to sign a death waiver for this race, that's how intense it is.  I'm hoping that the weather in WI tomorrow will be less hot and humid than it's been here in Chicago.  The money raised by the event goes to a wonderful cause, the Wounded Warrior Project

After the race, we'll be headed back to a town close to my parents house because LC has to go to a Yellow Ribbon conference on Sunday.  The conference is for those who have been deployed for a certain amount of time and it's about reintegrating back into society...even though he's been home since February, he still has to go.  I on the other hand will be spending the day on my parents boat (weather pending).  It seems like every time I go out on the lake with them, the clouds decide to come out.  I'm bad "boat luck", but we're going to take our chances anyhow.

Tonight, I have scheduled a 3 mile run & some yoga.  The yoga will for sure be happening because my hips are extremely sore from Bar Method & it's been forever since I've practiced it, but the 3 mile run might turn into something a little bit shorter or some elliptical action. 

Today's eats have been pretty good :-) I'm getting back on the "healthy/whole eating" track after our wonderful honeymoon.  I started my day off with a cup of iced coffee & 1/2 cup of almond milk along side a peach & a hard boiled egg.  My breakfasts haven't been anything great lately.  For some reason lately I don't have much of an appetite in the mornings and I can just get by with a smoothie or piece of fruit & something small.  For lunch today I tried a new place, Freshii.  They have a TON of options, including a DIY salad/wrap.  It took awhile to decide what I wanted, but I went with the vegan wrap w/goat cheese.  My wrap came undone, so I mostly just ate it as a salad and picked at the wheat tortilla.  It was very, very good!  

Have a good weekend!!! I'll be back at some point with a recap of LC's tough mudder race! What's the most extreme race/workout you've ever done? For me, the toughest race was my first 1/2 marathon in Chicago last August.  I was undertrained and way overheated!

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