Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Me out to the Ball Game!

Tonight, LC & I are attending our first baseball game of the season at Wrigley Field.  I'm usually pretty excited for our first game because it means that summer isn't too far off.  But as I look out the window, I'm not really thrilled about going to a baseball game on a rainy day.  Last year we went to a game around this time & it was freezing cold. At least the temperature is decent today.
Here's a few of my favorite "Mar & LC's baseball adventures" pics :-)

Busch Stadium April 2007

Wrigley Field (I'm thinking of going short again after the wedding. I'm dying to chop my hair!)

typical behavior...

Our first game of the season 2010

When it comes to baseball, I could honestly take it or leave it.  I love going to the games to drink, socialize & eat.  I don't even know who the Cubs are playing tonight :-/  BUT when the Brewers & The Cubs play each other, you will always find me in Brewers gear.  I have to support my home team after all.  Other than that, LC always buys me Cubs' shirts to wear to games.  Football on the other hand...you will never catch me dead in anything Bears related. ICK! I'm a Packer girl at heart.

Tonight's game eats will be a little different.  I'm trying to lay off of the carbs this week since my first offical dress fitting is Friday, I want to actually feel good and not bloated.  So no bread & no beer :-(  Just some salad and bacardi & diet...I don't know how good of a plan that is either.

Last week, I did a posting called Say it, Do it.  It really helped me stay accountable for all of my workouts.  I did everything I posted & then some!  I didn't post anything on Monday and guess what?? I canceled bar method yesterday.  Major fail. So here's my workout plan for this week.

Monday: Free weights & ab work
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 30 minutes of cardio/Bar Method
Thursday: 45 minutes Elliptical/Bar Method
Friday: 30 minutes cardio/Bar Method
Saturday: Go for a walk if it's nice (I'll be in WI ask still can't do workout videos b/c of my ankle injury)
Saturday: free weights & ab work and....Attend my first bridal shower!!!  

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  1. Hmmm I had a smile on face face as soon as I saw the cubs gear...not sure about this brewers gear thought :-P