Monday, April 18, 2011

I need a Nap-a!

With the wedding getting closer, all the small details are finally starting to consume my life.  This weekend, my mom, sister, and I worked on the invitations...

Assembled the menus...

And LC & I finalized our honeymoon plans...
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While we were figuring out our wedding budget, and figuring out where we wanted to spend our money, we decided that stationary is where we wanted to cut back.  I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that's only going to get thrown away.  Let's be real, the only person that will probably save our wedding invites are our parents and grandparents.  So we ended up with 4 boxes from Michael's.  Each box contains 30 invite sets for about $40.  Add in your Michael's coupons, and save almost 50%.  The last box I bought cost me $16.  Not too shabby.  They were pretty simple to do too.  Just load up the template, insert your text and print away.

The menus on the other hand were a total (and my first) DIY project and were kind of a pain to figure out the measurements, but once I did, it was smooth sailing.  The monogram was from I Do originals.  I bought 3 monograms for $9.  I used regular construction paper for the background from Broadway Paper.  Cardstock in these colors were over a buck a piece, so I bought over 200 pieces of construction paper for about $80 and I'll be able to use them for the programs as well.  The vellum paper I bought at Office Depot.  It was easy to print on (the ink didn't smear) but the paper had a tendancy to move while I was trying to cut it, so I had to be extra careful to make sure things didn't turn out crooked.  The menu cutting was done over a long period of wine nights :-) 

And finally, LC and booked our honeymoon :-)  We originally wanted to go to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.  It just looked so peaceful, romantic, and like I imagine heaven would like.  But after looking at plane ticket prices and realizing that our summers in the US are short, we decided to keep it local and revisit the St. Lucia idea during the winter months when it's freezing cold here.  So Cali, here we come!  LC and I have never been here and Napa has always been our one of my places to visit.  We both love wine & we both love food, so I can't think of a better place for us to spend our honeymoon.  We'll be lodging at The Cottages of Napa Valley which came recommended from Kate at Elefantitas Elegres.  Thanks Kate! 

We're both really excited and can't wait for the day to finally be here.  In other news, I'm back to doing Bar Method!! Yippee!  

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  1. Your menues look GREAT!! OMG I love love Napa Valley that is where I got engaged! :-) You are going to have so much fun!