Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

What a week it's been here in our casa.  On Saturday my ankle was feeling better, so I tried out the stationary bike.  All was good.  Then I pressed my luck with the elliptical trainer.  Pretty good, except for the changing intervals that jerked my ankle.  And then I sat in "stop and go" Chicago traffic for about an hour, trying to get to my BFF's son's first birthday.  FAIL.  So  happy to see the little guy on his birthday (I'd post pics, but she doesn't have facebook for the reason of not wanting his pictures online. A choice I totally respect).  I had so much fun catching up with my ladies, but the drive up there really put my ankle back at square one.  Too much too fast.  Needless to say, I did not make it to the baby shower on Sunday.

Instead, Oliver and I sat outside our apartment building and watched the people race in the Shamrock Shuffle.  They couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  I ran this race with my sister last year when it was held in March and the weather was less than favorable.

So I sat outside, and dreamed about the days when I could run again.  I'm getting super antsy if you couldn't tell.    
While I watched the runners and cheered on fellow co-workers & friends, Oliver was off in his own little world.  Oddly, he kept licking the cement and I couldn't figure out why because I made sure there was nothing on the ground where we sat.  After I saw my friend and passed her a high five, I decided that it was time for us to go in.  Oliver was not acting his normal self.  He was very tired and passed out on the couch.  I figured it was because of the sun and being outside for so long.  As the day went on, Oliver became sick.  Monday came, and LC said he had some interest in food but nothing like what he normally would have.  I came home and Oliver seemed back to his playful self, so I figured it was definitely something he ate outside and that it would just pass.  Tuesday morning, at the love hour of 1:30 a.m. I wake up to a puppers whining in his kennel.  It was unusual because he hadn't done that since the first night we got him.  LC got up and saw Oliver made a "mess" in his kennel.  Our 6lb was sick from both ends.  

LC wanted to take him the ER and I told him that he was ridiculous.  It was 2 a.m. and I told him to come back to bed and we'd call the vet first thing in the morning.  We got him in and our vet told us that it could be either pancreatitis or just something bad that the ate.  He stayed at the vet all of yesterday.  When I brought him home, I kept him in the kitchen just in case if he had any other accidents.  I woke up this morning to this face.            
I took him on a walk today and he's feeling a little bit better.  I told LC, that between me and Oliver and all of our emergencies, he was going to trade us in for a new family. He told me that he would never :-) 

My doctor gave me good news today! I can say adios to my air cast.  I can resume all low-impact activities right away.  I can start back at Bar Method on Friday.  He kept reminding me to "listen to my body", something I for sure have trouble with when I have a goal set.  Bad news: I have to stay away from all running paths for about another month.  At least I'll be back in business just in time for marathon training to start.    

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