Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Say It, Do it + Grocery Store Find!

Good morning! I have a feeling today is going to be a great day.  Yesterday, I had a wicked case of the Mondays and the weather did not help that at all.  Today, I started my morning off with a good Bar Method session & a coffee from Starbucks.  I'm a sucker for iced caramel macchiatos, my official summer coffee drink.  Muy bien! 

It's been awhile since I've done a "Say it, Do it" post.  The past week I've been seriously slacking on cardio, and just sticking to Bar Method.  I only ran twice and did went to Bar Method 3 times last week.  Since putting the marathon training on the backburner, I've been more focused on strength and toning, but I definitely need to add some cardio back into my life and get my heart pumping!

So to keep me accountable for my workouts from now until the wedding (and after of course) here it is!

Monday: Rest-work on wedding programs
Tuesday: Bar Method & take Oliver for a long walk
Wednesday: Bar Method & ride bike to and from Volleyball
Thursday: Bar Method/run 3 miles
Friday: Bar Method & head back to Milwaukee for drill weekend 
Saturday: Fitness testing (maybe, I'm not due yet but LC's doing his so I might just go and get it out of the way).
Sunday: FINAL dress fitting!!!!!!! 

Yesterday, LC and I were at the Super Target, just picking up a few things and I stumbled upon this:
I usually try to stay away from creamers because the majority of them are artificially flavored and I will use almond milk as my creamer.  But Coffee-Mate has come out with a NEW creamer that has no artificial flavors at all.  I can't wait to try it and report back!  Happy first day of summer! I hope everyone gets outside and does something fun :-)


  1. Starbucks always helps to start a day out right!

    I use almond milk too usually, but would be interested in this creamer, let us know what you think! Maybe I will be able to find it here in Canada!

  2. U are one busy girl! I find I have no motivation to work out when I work all day. I usually only do once a week lol

  3. Jill-I have to make it priority for my sanity and my hips :-)