Monday, May 16, 2011

Say It, Do It {Wedding Countdown Edition}

48.  The number of days until THE BIG DAY!

 I started this blog as a way for me to write about working out & eating healthy, partly in preparation for the wedding and mostly because I was just tired of the way I looked and felt.  Since February, I haven't lost as much weight as I would've liked to by now {majorly discouraging}, but I've lost inches and my clothes are fitting more comfortably {So I must be doing something right}.  Final count will be revealed a few days before the wedding.  I blame this little weight-loss set back on my ankle injury & lack of calorie counting.  The fact is that I love to eat.  And sometimes I would prefer a cheeseburger and fries over a salad.  And some days, catching up with my DRV'd shows (you know, the ones I missed because I was busy working out) takes priority over exercising. Those are just the facts of my life.

In order to make the most of these last 48 days I've made some adjustments to my diet/habits.

*I will drink at least 2 nalgene bottles full of water during the workday.  I need more water in my life. 
*Eat more veggies & fruit and less carbs. 
*I will NOT go to sugarbliss between now & wedding.  Best cupcakes in the loop; I usually end up getting two. One being their special flavor.  Two being a red velvet {you know, just in case I end up not liking the special flavor}. I normally eat both :-/ This a rare occaision, but something that really needs to stop.
*Limit myself to one night of adult beverages.  If I could, I would drink wine every night of the week.  I absolutely love it.  BUT more than one glass leaves me feeling sluggish and tired the next morning, therefore canceling my AM workouts. 
* I will attend Bar Method 4-5 times per week.  I pay a pretty penny for unlimited classes, I need to go more.  The first month, I saw a big change in my body just by going 3 times a week, that has come to a standstill so it's time to up the BM workouts.
*I will run/do other forms of cardio 4 per week.  I've been pretty good about this since being able to run again.
*I will count calories using myfitnesspal.

Hopefully these little changes will help give me the results that I'm looking for.  I think the hardest one for me will   

Now for this week's Say, Do it! {AM workouts might change according to the weather}
Monday- Rest; I just had a long weekend of early morning drills mixed in with Bachelorette party fun. Rest is much needed today.
Tuesday- Morning cardio/Bar Method level 2
Wednesday- Bridal bootcamp/Bar Method Whoopsies! Slept in; no bridal bootcamp today.
Thursday- Run /Bar Method; Did the elliptical instead-the sky looked sketchy this AM
Friday- Morning cardio/Bar Method
Saturday- Bar Method/Self's workout in the Park
Sunday- Fitnessista's Spring Ab workout/Bridal shower #2! (Chicago Edition)  


  1. good luck! don't stress too much, you wanna be a happy bride too! :)

  2. I agree with Jill...don't get too restricted that you will be grumpy or tired...haha Good luck!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I'll give in before I get grumpy or tired, trust me :-) I won't be crazy bride-arexic girl!