Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today after work, I'm driving WI to stay the night with my sister. We're, hopefully, making it to church, then dinner and drinks out. We have to thank the Big Man Upstairs for everything he's given us. Honestly, though I am definitely ready for 2011. 2010 hasn't been the greatest of years.

This weekend will be filled with lots of family time and wedding fun! I'm so excited :-) On Friday, my mom and I are going to meet with the florist and on Saturday invitations. We are also having our family Christmas since my grandparents are in town and it's the only time that we're all together.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I have compiled a small list of the things that I am most thankful for.

1. My faith
2. My health
3. The 3 F's...Family, Friends, Fiance
4. Skype. An essential in any long distance relationship
5. Grapes. Because they make delicious wine
6. Oliver. Because he keeps me company/busy/pre-occupied while LC's away
7. My mom. For everything she does, including NOT passing down the celiac's disease gene to me. I love bread too much.
8. Christmas songs the day after Thanksgiving
9. Black Friday. Not because of the specials but because I have off of work :-)
10. My legs. Because I can run, walk, and climb stairs with no problem. It's the small things people.
12. My readers. Because I love comments and reading new blogs :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets to eat lots of wonderful food!!!

What are you thankful for??

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