Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diamonds...a Girl's Best Friend?

I used to think of myself as a unique and modern girl. When I set out to look for my engagement ring, I had a goal in mind of getting something "different". I didn't want the traditional solitaire and I didn't want the"trendy" princess cut. So when I got my beautiful, round halo style engagement ring, I was a happy girl. I didn't know anyone else who had this ring. It was just wanted: unique. Until a few months later, I saw it popping up all over the place. Turns out, I'm not as unique as I thought. I still love my engagement ring, and all things sparkly, but there's a new, but rare, trend that I wish I would have considered...the colored stone.

This is my all-time favorite version of the colored engagement ring. The yellow diamond. Absolutely beautiful. Carrie Underwood's engagement ring is by far my favorite of all the recent celebrity engagements. The setting closely resembles mine, except for the fact mine is a fraction of the size of hers and it's a near colorless diamond.

The newly engaged, Jessica Simpson, is sporting a red ruby engagement ring. I'm not so much a fan of this one for two reasons. One, I don't red and two I'm not big into yellow gold. I didn't even know she was dating anyone!?

Last but definitely not least, Kate Middleton. This ring reminds me of the Titanic's "Heart of the Ocean". I love the fact that Prince William gave Kate his mother's ring so that she would have part in their special day. This ring is gorgeous and definitely fit for royalty. I've been stalking to get the deets on their wedding planning. Theirs will definitely be the wedding of the year, right behind mine and LC's of course :-)


  1. My SIL didn't want a diamond center stone, so she got a yellow saphire. It looks like a yellow diamond and because it was more affordable, she has a 2.5 carat center stone, haha! It is huge and gorgeous.

    But I am a purist. I love me some diamonds :)

  2. As much as I love the colored stones, I love diamonds more :-) I'm thinking of possibly suggesting this a "push" present? But that's a good 4-5 years down the road!!

  3. I almost cried when I heard that Prince William gave her his mom's engagement ring. I've always loved Princess Diana and it was the first funeral I saw (on TV). That's so sweet and Kate should be honored. I like red a lot so I'd like a ruby in white cold. I do like the yellow one too. Can we see a pic of yours?!

  4. It was very touching to hear, and Princess Diana was amazing. What an honor to inherit that ring. Jill, a pic of my engagement ring can be found here:

    Saw it a few weeks ago with the matching band and I love it even more! haha!